Eufloria (PC) (2009)

Overview: A strategy game where the player expands and colonizes space using plants.

20190526 Snapshot:
Steam Game Time (Eufloria): 5 hours

Today I played Eufloria HD as part of the Steam Spring Cleaning Event "Blast from the Past": "Play [one of] the first game[s] you added to your Steam account. If you completed this task last year, play the second game on your Steam account."* Looking at a thread detailing the changes from Eufloria to Eufloria HD, I decided to classify Eufloria HD (PC) (2014) under Eufloria (PC) (2009).

Steam Game Time: 41 minutes

*There was a choice of five titles: Iron Grip: Warlord, Eufloria, Doc Clock, VVVVVV, and Eufloria HD.

+ Relaxing music; relaxing gameplay
+ The basics of the game are spread across several levels; easy to digest game mechanics
+ Calming and beautiful art style

~ The game doesn't allow for selecting which plants to send from a planet (when a planet has plants which originated from various planets); the player must take this into account and behave accordingly (when trying to be efficient).

This game is surprisingly relaxing considering the primary objective is to colonize other planets.

Eufloria (PC) (2009)
Eufloria HD (PC) (2014)

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