Please, Don't Touch Anything (PC) (2015)

Overview: A point-and-click puzzle game.

I started playing this game while on the plane.

I've started touching buttons...

Game Log:
#2 Excessively clicking the button.
#3 I <3 ending.="" mushrooms="" span="" style="background-color: black; color: black;">Nuked (flipping switch) - confirmed
132231 unlocks upper left.
Upper left with CORRECT buttons unlocks D4 and clicker counter.
#20 ??? unlocks AWAITING INPUT [It seems this sequence changes...]
Switch to right unlocks binary panel and UV light.
Screwdriver to upper right unlocks Simon Says.
#11 UFO ending. Upper left with upside down CORRECT buttons - confirmed
Screwdriver to wire unlocks digital display (e.g., like a calculator display).

Premise of the game.

#1 Lol. I achieved this one by accident. Just waiting: I was doing something else with the game on and the employee came back.
#16 Hammer on button unlocks mini-game. Successfully kill the alien to get the ending.
#15 A mini-game occasionally appears after reset. Successfully drop bombs onto the buildings to clear the ground for the plane to land.
#10 The code 0010001 entered via binary will initiate "Kill all humanz (BENDER)" - confirmed
Screwdriver to upper left instructions unlocks a hidden ticking device.
Under the DO NOT TOUCH there's a name: PISANO LEONARDO [20180207: apparently this is FIBONNACI]
666 on clicker counter > reset unlocks 25 hieroglyphs - confirmed.
#14 Vines ending. 276 on clicker counter > reset


Game Time: ~ 2 hours 4 minutes (some time spent dozing off)

20180207 Part 1:
This game was fun. But I initially didn't take many notes. I had to go back and figure out which ending I unlocked and how I unlocked them.

Remark: There will be various observations made (especially from yesterday) which are not necessarily noted.

Game Log:
Steam Game Time: 9 minutes total
Steam Game Time: 14 minutes total

For convenience I combined almost all the UV light messages into one picture.

In some spare time outside the game, I decoded the numerical message. It turned out to be a a simple numeric substitution: A=1, B=2, etc.:
4 5 3 9 16 8 5 18 9 14 7
9 20
23 1 19
3 15 16 12 5 20 5 12 25
13 5 1 14 9 14 7 12 5 19 19
Remark: The message is missing the letter "M".

Switch to the left unlocks numpad.
When the digital display is visible, inputs on the numpad will show up there instead of the monitor.
#13 Tentacle spikes. Entering Fibonacci sequence with numpad on the digital display.
#21 Prison/Dystopia ending. The previous ending reveals a passport in the lower right: Papers, Please (PC) (2013). Deny entry to the mysterious person.

More panels.

Note: I'm still waiting on where/how to input the missing sequence value of "#3) 1 11 21 _ 111221 312211: 1211. This is a sequence I learned in middle school. The next item in the sequence is determined by counting the consecutive digits in the previous sequence. Thus, we start with "one-1" -> 11. And that becomes "two-1" -> 21. And that is "one-2, one-1" -> 1211. I tried entering the numbers on the numpad without the digital display but nothing happened.

Steam Game Time: 34 minutes total

#18 Smashing the screen with the hammer revealed four symbols (hourglass, double squiggle, eye, key) and the game shuts down.
#5 Happy ending. Lighting those four symbols on the hieroglyphs board (turning the other symbols off).

Steam Game Time: 55 minutes total

20180207 Part 2:

Game Log:
I was trying to listen to the clicks - I thought it was Morse code - but they didn't seem to mean anything.
Is there importance to the order of the instructions (1243)?
In the second instruction, there's an extra B: "GRBB" instead of "GRAB".

And more panels.

Steam Game Time: 113 minutes total; Game Time: ~ 4 hours total

20180216 Part 1:
I resumed the game today but I didn't have much patience in the matter.

Game Log:
123_5|____0|1_345|6_8_0|1__4_ #24 I partially read the solution while looking for images of the UV map. Remark: I suppose I had the pieces but didn't make use of them. In any case, what I read was spell "DOT" in Morse. I still had to figure out how to input it: binary panel, 1 = long, 0 = short.

Steam Game Time: 2.4 hours total; Game Time: ~ 4.4 hours total

20180216 Part 2:
Reaching my limit on DIY, I tried to look for some hints.

Game Log:
Read Hint 1: "Look at the instruction poster again. Do you like math? I do, but even if you don't, even a small child can point out the difference between numbers and letters."
Result of Hint: Entered 8367 into the numpad unlocks 7 x 7 grid and numbers 1-4.


Entered 1211 into the numbers 1-4 unlocks music pad.
123_5|___90|1_345|6_8_0|1__4_ #9 Eye/Portal into another Universe ending. Entered 1243 into the numbers 1-4
123_5|___90|12345|6_8_0|1__4_ #12 Meteorshower ending (Ghostbuster Sticker). Listening to music that plays. H H L M M L M H
Read Hint 2: "And I think EVIL is afoot. I just hope I don't have to MAKE an EVIL SIGN that's been there the whole time..."
12345|___90|12345|6_8_0|1__4_ #4 Scary lady on display. Read Solution: (Paraphrased) use the 7 x 7 grid to enter the star. 5 specific points. (1,4), (3,1), (3,7), (7,2), (7,6)
Four symbols shown during ending #4: hourglass, double squiggle, eye, key. The same as smashing the screen with the hammer.
Read Hint 3: Look for the math on the instruction poster. Specifically, power of.
Result of Hint: Entered 8232 into the numpad unlocks date input.* Starting date is 08:12:1984.
12345|6__90|12345|6_8_0|1__4_ #6 Prehistoric ending (Back to the Future* - Doc half a sticker). Hit back.
12345|67_90|12345|6_8_0|1__4_ #7 Future ending (Back to the Future* - Marty half a sticker). Hit back.
Read Hint 4: Following the picture of the colored buttons: "They spelt GRAB wrong in the instruction panel. That seems like a silly word to misspell."
12345|67890|12345|6_8_0|1__4_ #8 Upside down (Ying-Yang sticker) ending. Result of Hint: I had to think about it, and then realized that GRBB stood for Green Red Blue Blue.
Read Hint 5: (The hint explains how to interpret device behind the instructions.) The clicking devices behind the panel correspond to the computer time.
12345|67890|12345|678_0|1__4_ #17 Deathray ending (Death Star sticker). Result of Hint 5: I figured the printout is 6x4 so either it's four numbers or six numbers. Trying first four numbers on numpad. No good. Then six numbers with roman numerals. No good. Tried in reverse (bottom-up). Yay!

One of the endings (in the display).

Read Hint 6A: (paraphrase) The letter-numbers are coordinates for the red pad.
Result of Hint 6A: I tried all the combinations for B? and ?4 but it didn't work. I continued reading the guide and it turns out that the D4 has to be showing for the input to work.
Read Hint 6B: (paraphrase) Look at the stickers.
Read Solution 6B: Apparently one sticker says 42 and another says 00. [Oh, I read more of the hint and see it now.]
Result of Solution 6B: Entered 4020 into numpad.
Read Hint 6C: Ending of plane mini-game has a clue.
Result of Solution 6C: The letters Y R B B glitch.
12345|67890|12345|67890|1__4_ #19 Sandword ending (Sandworm sticker). Enter the color. Then place the diamond in. Press the button.
Read Hint 7: Press the button once and follow the arrows.
12345|67890|12345|67890|12_4_ #22 Divided ending (divided earth button). Result of Hint 7: Arrows end with 5x7. It's a game to switch all the lights to opposite. Trial-and-error.
Read Hint 8: Refers to one of the UV light messages: 0-23 | 1-4 | 2-1
12345|67890|12345|67890|1234_ #23 Rocket ending (spaceship button) Read Solution 8: Ah. That makes sense but I never would have thought to interpret the message that way: 2001.
Result of Solution 8: Three dials with the letters: V,E,N,C,J,SA,U,CH,PL,ME; TU,A,U,OO,UP,EN,RA,AR,RC,ER; RN,UR,N,US,ES,ON,RS,IT,TH,TO. I decided to use the planets (and Moon, Pluto) to eliminate most letters: C,CH; ER; ES,ON. They didn't work. Then I tried Pluto. And it worked! Ah. Right, because Pluto is the ninth in orbit with a question mark... Put key where it belongs.
12345|67890|12345|67890|12345 #25 Coffee ending.

Another ending (rocket ship).

Steam Game Time: 4.7 hours total; Game Time: ~ 6.7 hours total

*Remark: When seeing the date input. I immediately looked up Back to the Future date: October 26, 1985 is when Marty goes to the past. Then when I went back in time and got half the sticker, I couldn't tell who it was. It made sense when I saw the full sticker.

+ Clever variation of a traditional point-and-click puzzle game.
+ Fun references.

~ Puzzles are difficult and a purist will enjoy scouring the game over and over for clues. I personally could not be a purist. Gone are the days where I seek to fully play a game on my own.

- I would consider some of the puzzles improbable to figure out, but I'm not an avid

The last ending (coffee).

Please, Don't Touch Anything is an excellent game that will be enjoyed by any fan of puzzle games.

Please, Don't Touch Anything (PC) (2015)

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