Trick & Treat (PC) (2016)

Overview: A horror adventure game which takes place in a mysterious castle on Halloween.

This game was one of the random games chosen for the Steam Spring Cleaning Event "Spin Cycle." I was in the mood to give it a try and the caution about jump scares didn't phase me.

Warning: Don't press F12 (it'll restart the game)

Tip: Press shift to run.

Gameplay Log:
Flashlight | White Rose | Locket | Key to the Kitchen | Blue Potion | Red Wine
Pumpkins Ghosts Candy puzzle. Not 3 2 7, but 4 3 7. Not sure who is the third ghost.
Key to the Cloakroom | Sticky Table Clothes | Magazine Page | Invitation
Dead End 4
Blue Book | Blue Doll | Doll Feet
Dead End 5
Dirty Key | Silk Heart | Doll Head | Doll Body | Red Rose
Entered the mirror.
Pink Doll | Green Doll | Red Doll
Trying to find the room that opened

Steam Game Time: 90 minutes

+ Reasonably scary
+ Some good puzzle design
+ Good art design
+ Great sounds

~ Free!!!
~ Don't press F12. I pressed F12 to take a screenshot and the game reset. Luckily I was barely into the game when this happened. Apparently the developers warn players about this in the "About this Game" section of the Steam store page, but surely they can't expect players to have read that.

Minor Con:
- The game takes a long time to divulge the name of the protagonist (for no reason other than perhaps oversight); I was calling her "Pumpkinhead" until eventually I learned her name was Amelia.

- The game often had the problem of feeling too slow
- Some puzzle elements felt obscure, perhaps the reason for the previous con
- The main music doesn't loop throughout the castle.

*I'm not a fan of watching horror movies or playing horror games, so my ability to tolerate the amount of horror from this game is what is meant here by "Reasonably scary"

Although the game has it's shortcomings, it is worth noting that it's a good game with respect to being made using RPG Maker and being available for free. It should also be noted that I mainly had a problem with the pacing, which might not be a problem for every player, especially those who are well-versed with solving puzzles in RPGs.

Trick & Treat (PC) (2016)

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