Refunct (PC) (2015)

Overview: A first-person platformer with some parkour-based mechanics.

I was looking for a short game and found a list of short games on which Refunct was ranked 9th. However, I had never heard of the game before and almost disregarded it. After playing a couple matches of League of Legends, I went back to the list, looked at the Steam Store Page for Refunct, and immediately booted the game up.

Admiring the view.

Unfortunately, I felt a headache halfway through playing. However, the game was so fun that I pushed on through to the end and completed the game with 100%. I decided to stop playing there, but technically I have three achievements which I can try accomplishing some day: 1) beat the game in 8 minutes, 2) beat the game in 4 minutes, 3) finish with less than 33%.

Setup: Keyboard and mouse (I briefly contemplated using a controller); windowed fullscreen (the audio wasn't working in fullscreen mode)

Steam Game Time: 36 minutes*
*The run itself took about 30 minutes.


Gameplay Log:
A run between 8 and 9 minutes.
A partial run. I was getting a headache and stopped playing.

Steam Game Time: 53 minutes (total game time) / 17 minutes (session game time)

How did I get out of there?

+ Peaceful
+ Pleasing music and ambiance
+ Lighting is subtle but well-done
+ Promotes exploration and discovery (of game mechanics) in a healthy way

~ Short
~ Knowledge of modern platformer mechanics helps make the game easier

The mother beam.

The most noteworthy aspect of Refunct is that it creates a memorable, relaxing experience in a short time span. Any fan of platformers should consider playing Refunct.

Refunct (PC) (2015)

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