Epic Battle Fantasy 4 (PC) (2014)

Overview: A turn-based RPG.

I went down the list of top rated games in my Steam library and decide to play Epic Battle Fantasy 4. Unfortunately, I had trouble getting into the game. To be fair, I was feeling tired. However, I'm under the impression that any good game would have caught my interest regardless of my state of alertness. In particular, any great game would have kept me up throughout the night.

Setup: Mouse (instead of keyboard). Normal difficulty.

Steam Game Time: 72 minutes*
*About 30 minutes spent idle

I attempted to load this game up as part of Steam's Spring Cleaning Event (it was one of four games chosen at random for the "Spin Cycle" badge). While Steam was running, the game notified me that "Steam must be running to play this game (SteamAPI_Init() failed)." Although I had a suspicion as to why I received the error, the more important result was that I didn't actually have to play the game in order for the task to register. [As a follow-up, restarting the Steam client resolved the issue.]

Steam Game Time: 5 minutes

+ Some of the artwork (stills for cut scenes) was noteworthy

~ It's unclear to me how much my impression of the game is affected by playing with the mouse instead of keyboard
~ Potentially interesting skill system

- Too much text and/or hard to read
- Amateurish-looking Graphics
- Clunky user interface
- Finding objects to click on


Although the game is self-described heavily inspired by classics like Final Fantasy and Golden Sun, this game had a completely different feel from either of the mentioned classics. In fact, when I first played Golden Sun on the Game Boy Advance back in 2001 (?), it was one of my most-praised games. In contrast, Epic Battle Fantasy 4 fails at being better than below average. I would sooner dig up my old Game Boy Advance and play Golden Sun again before playing another minute of Epic Battle Fantasy 4.

With that being said, I might be missing something, because the game is currently "Overwhelmingly Positive"* on Steam and a 91.91% SteamDB Rating.

*A minimum of 500 reviews and at least 95% positive. At the time of this writing, 96.56% of user reviews for Epic Battle Fantasy 4 are positive (2178 out of 2258).

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 (PC) (2014)

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