VVVVVV (PC) (2010)

Overview: A platformer where instead of jumping you are able to reverse the direction of gravity whenever you're standing on a flat surface.

Reverse gravity to go from the ceiling to the floor. Dying returns the player back to the last checkpoint (C).

20190116 Comment:
Steam Game Time: 2.0 hours (total game time)

I wanted to play the game today but it didn't seem to work. While I was shutting down various applications and windows on my computer, I saw a VVVVVV window open. Apparently it was open for 3 hours (from 9 PM to 12 midnight).

Steam Game Time: 5.0 hours (total game time) / 3.0 hours (accidental game time)

20190124 Hours:
Today I was able to shortly and casually play this game while keeping an eye on Mom and Baby.

The start of one of the game's harder optional challenges (trinkets): Veni Vidi Vici (Doing Things the Hard Way)

Steam Game Time: Total 7.3 hours (total game time) / 2.3 hour (session game time)

+ Fun
+ Challenging
+ Simple
+ Many checkpoints; little-to-no frustration

Some games are fun because they are complex and offer the player many options and tools. Other games are fun because they are simply, yet challenging. VVVVVV falls under the later category and I would highly recommend it to fans of challenging platformers.

A snapshot of  the progress, or lack of (202 deaths, many of which were spent trying to complete Veni Vini Vici)

VVVVVV (PC) (2010)

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