Pid (PC) (2012)

Overview: Pid is a puzzle-platformer where you play as kid who's trying to find his way home. Early in the game, the player character acquires a device that fires beams of light. The beams of light will push the player character away from the source of the beam.

20170624: AM
I got my Netflix My List down to 43 items, and while part of me wanted to go full force and finish the list off - whether by watching the movies or removing them, another part of me was tired of watching films. In fact, earlier today I continued watching several episodes of Naruto Shippuden. In any case, with the Steam Summer Sale going on, I thought I'd also play some video games.

To start things off, a game called Pid. It's in my "List to play... for reals" Steam Category, but I had no idea what the game was about.

Setup: Keyboard

Played a little bit.

Finally, at one point, I tried to close the game and it hanged on me. I was so tired that I fell asleep while waiting for the situation to rectify itself; I couldn't press ctrl+alt+del.

In the morning, after waking up I had to use the power button to restart my laptop. Apparently the game was still running in the background because it logged 4.0 hours of playtime on Steam. I've decided to disregard these hours.

Today I replayed the game from the beginning, not quite playing as far as I played before. I left the game to prepare for boarding the plane.

Steam Game Time: 0.1 hrs (session game time)

Today I tried playing a bit more.

There were moments when I died, but I didn't get a sense that the game was difficult. Instead, I felt the controls were still raw, unrefined.

Steam Game Time: 4.7 hrs - 4.1 = 0.6 hrs (session game time)

+ Nice art style

~ Poor story.

- Beam mechanics aren't smooth. Not a fun experience.
- Slow, slow-paced, boring; mechanics are introduced at such slow pace, there might be more to the game but I can't bear the wait.
- Unrefined controls; compare with a game like Super Meat Boy whose controls feel smooth*

*This might not be a perfect comparison, because Pid is a puzzle platformer, not a difficult platformer, that requires the amount of precision which Super Meat Boy requires. However, it'd be more

I tried my best to enjoy the game, but I couldn't help but find the gameplay lackluster. It's a shame because I liked how the artwork and overall look of the game.

I'll consider trying to play the co-op mode, but I won't attempt to do so anytime soon.

Pid (PC) (2012)

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