Assetto Corsa (PC) (2014)

Overview: A realistic racing game.

This game was free to play during the Steam Spring Cleaning Event and the visuals in the game previews looked stunning. As such, I just had to give it a try. While I wanted to play the game with VR, I didn't have the time to spare to set-up my Oculus Rift, and so I simply played one of the levels in fullscreen (I also didn't have the time to set-up Nvidia Surround.

Setup: I edited the video and control options several times. My final control setup was using the mouse to steer and the mouse buttons to accelerate and decelerate.

Steam Game Time: 30 minutes

First Impressions:
I played the first track in the campaign mode several times and spent most of the time getting used to accelerating and decelerating around the turns. After the short amount I spent playing this game, I wish I had a steering wheel and some pedals. With that being said, something was going on with the game menu.

None at this time.

Assetto Corsa (PC) (2014)

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