The Fall (PC) (2014)

Overview: You are an artificial intelligence within a combat suit seeking medical attention for your user. Solve puzzles as you journey through a dark and atmospheric story.

I played this game today as part of the Steam Spring Cleaning Event "Clear the Backlog."

Setup: Xbox controller (note: the experience was not good)

Gameplay Log:
AM Hours Session: (45 minutes)
I was stuck and looked at a walkthrough: have the elevator go up, but don't take it and drop down.
After exploring this new area, I became stuck again and decided that I had it with the game. So much so that in my frustration I just had to look at a walkthrough to figure out what I had missed before going to sleep.

Morning Session: (45 minutes)
In the morning I logged into my computer only to realize the game was still on. Although I didn't have an optimal experience with the game, I decided to play some more using the information I read before going to bed last night: catch the dripping blood with the pan.
The action mechanism in this game feels clunky (at least with a controller)

As the player character goes up the elevator (after gaining camouflage), I continued to think about the flaw of giving an A.I. the ability to override systems on the premise of saving its user. As I mentioned earlier, the override should revert when the user is no longer in danger. How does one prevent loopholes in what the system determines as saving one's user? Of course, this is intended behavior when the user is in danger, but what happens when a perfectly functioning human has his/her suit overrode by his/her A.I.?
Cool, this Administrator has achieved sentience, though apparently he still has to perform his basic functions.
I played until I entered the door for submission to testing.
After closing the game I read the plot summary on Wikipedia. Part of the ending surprised me and I almost want to play the game simply because I want to see it play out before my eyes.

Steam Game Time: 6.8 hours
Actual Game Time: 90 minutes

+ Great story
+ One of the best voice acting I've ever encountered

~ Okay graphics

- Terrible to play with an Xbox controller; haven't tried keyboard and mouse (a Steam controller might be sufficient)
- My inability to use the controller resulted in a disjointed experience when it came to the action (shooting) portions of the game
- The way in which clues are hidden (the player has to have the flashlight shining on an object in order to investigate it) makes them easy to miss

Although I enjoyed the story, I had a less than optimal gameplay experience. I might consider trying to play the game with a keyboard and mouse instead of a controller.

The Fall (PC) (2014)

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