Cosmic Express (PC) (2017)

Overview: A puzzle game where the player must direct a train from the entrance to the exit of each level while also picking up and dropping off aliens at appropriate locations.

Today I made it a goal to play a game from my Twitch game library. Looking through a handful of games, I decides to play Cosmic Express based solely on the fact that it had a decent rating on

Setup: I used the default game settings throughout most of the game. In the last couple of minutes I increased the resolution to 2560 x 1440.

Gameplay Log:
I completed 19 out of 128 levels by the time I decided to stop playing.

Game Time: About 50 minutes.

+ Easy to learn
+ Reasonably challenging
+ Many puzzles, often requiring different strategies (refreshing)

~ Amazing variety from a simple basic concept
~ Music is mellow, soft, and hardly noticeable

I enjoyed myself and I was surprised to find that I spent about fifty minutes playing just 19 levels. Furthermore, I'm sure the levels get harder. Even under the assumption that I could complete the game at nearly the same rate of progress, it would take another five or six hours to complete the game. Overall, Cosmic Express is a fun puzzle game that requires a healthy balance of logic and trial-and-error.

Cosmic Express (PC) (2017)

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