80 Days (PC) (2015)

Overview: Phileas Fogg has taken a wager to go around the world in just 80 days! The player is his valet, Passepartout, and the story is told by him. It's up to the player to discover routes, buy and sell the proper goods, and choose which routes to take. In fact, time is essentially always ticking, and so the player should make his/her choices as quickly as possible!

Today I continued my quest to fulfill my quota of playing video games. Having trouble deciding on what game to play (despite having a partial methodology set-up), I decided to refer to my Recommended By Filter category and picked the first game on the list: 80 Days.

Buy and sell goods

Setup: Fullscreen

I was having fun with the game and would have continued playing, but being a father comes first and my little one needed me.

Steam Game Time: 57 minutes

+ Amazing storytelling
+ A sense of urgency created through the in-game clock

Make choices and impact the story

~ Some trial-and-error is required in order to refine one's strategy for future runs

I've only played this game for less than an hour, but it's storytelling is mind-blowing! On the one hand, it's most definitely a game. On the other hand, it comes across as a book. In a way, it's practically a choose-your-own-adventure.

Now, I hardly ever read books, but I enjoyed reading the story being told by 80 Days. First, the game gives me a say in how the story evolves. Second, reading the different possible prompts helps stimulate my imagination. It is a different experience than simply reading a book.

Choose which routes to take

Overall, I would highly recommend this game to all players who enjoy games with good stories.

80 Days (PC) (2015)*
*80 Days (iOS/Android) (2014)

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