Slime-san: Superslime Edition (PC) (2017)

Overview: You're a slime who has been eaten. Now you must escape before you're digested.

Steam Spring Cleaning Event "Clear the Backlog."

Setup: Keyboard.

Steam Game Time: 19 minutes (total game time)

In effort to help break even on my Yogscast Jingle Jam 2018 bundle purchase,* I decided to put some more time into the game. On the one hand, I was playing and would have continued playing, but my wife came home and so I stopped playing to help put away groceries. On the other hand, after I finished putting away groceries, I had no strong feeling to resume the game. On that note, if it weren't for the effort to break even on the bundle, then I might not have revisited the game.

Setup: Xbox Controller.

Steam Game Time: 57 minutes (total game time) / 38 minutes (session game time)

*In general, I'm attempting to break even on most of my Humble Bundle purchases, starting from the most recent purchase and working my way backwards. The Yogscast Jingle Jam 2018 will be the ninth such bundle.

+ Game mechanics: in addition to standard platformer controls there is phase shift, slow time, and dash

~ Game mechanics are difficult to master

Minor Con:
- On the level select screen the worm winds left and right down the screen, but the levels read left to right down the screen. That is, instead of 1 2 3 4 | 8 7 6 5 | 9 10 11 12 | ..., the levels are 1 2 3 4 | 5 6 7 8 | 9 10 11 12.

- Plot is not as interesting as Super Meat Boy
- Not addicting
- The game is a series of levels, each of which is broken down into four parts; I'm not sure what purpose this serves, but it could be the reason that I personally find the game not addicting: I lack motivation to replay a "level" because it means I'd have to replay and perfect all four parts. Interestingly, if the developers had combined all four parts into a single level, then I believe the game would have a better pace/flow

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Overall, my sentiments for Slime-san fall neutral. I neither love the game (have a strong desire to play it) nor hate the game (I'm willing to play it). I find the mechanics fun, though sometimes they feel as if they could have used a little fine-tuning. Finally,


Slime-san: Superslime Edition (PC) (2017)

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