Kingdom Rush (PC) (2011)

Overview: A tower defense game with a medieval setting (knights, warriors, wizards, archers, etc.)

During graduate school I saw my friend playing this game (for free online) and I started playing it myself. After playing through again on 20170702, I would guess I originally completed the main story, i.e., completed the levels up to and including The Dark Tower.


This morning I wanted to play a game I had already played, and ended up choosing Kingdom Rush. However, it turned out I had yet to play it on Steam; if I recall, I acquired the game via Humble Bundle.

Setup: Normal difficulty. Keyboard (for shortcuts 1 & 2) and touchpad; I suspect I'll gain a small advantage if I use a mouse.

Steam Game Time: approx. 241 min = ~91 min + ~49 min + ~101 min (~9:03AM to ~10:44AM CT, ~1:56PM to 2:45PM CT, ~5:27PM to 7:08PM PT)

+ Fun
+ Every level has two challenges (which earn stars)
+ Simple learning curve. New game elements are added with each level.

~ Reasonable difficulty (for normal)
~ Can be played for free online

I don't know why, but I find it difficult to describe what I like about this game; I simply enjoy it.

On a related note, it's one of the few games for which I've played for more than just two-three hours; this is especially interesting, because I've already played the game.

Overall, it's a fun game and if you don't care about Steam Achievements, then there are various sources for playing the game free: online or mobile (Android / iOS).

Today I played a little bit more, and I reached a point of difficulty which slowly discouraged me from playing more.

Kingdom Rush (PC) (2011)

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