Corporate Lifestyle Simulator (PC) (2014)

Overview: Wield a stapler, fire extinguisher, chainsaw, and more as you, Dude, make your way through the office killing upper management. According to the game, they may or may not be zombies, it's hard to tell the difference.

At the start, you just have your fists. Punch your way to the end of the level.

What I thought would be an actual corporate lifestyle simulator turned out to be an isometric zombie shooter!!! It was fun, but hard to play with a touchpad.

Offline Game Time: 13 minutes

20190114 AM Hours:
Today I revisited the game. First, it's full of jokes. For example, it often breaks the fourth wall. And, centered around the game's title, it is constantly poking fun at corporate and upper management. In general, the story is funny. Actually, I was surprise the game had such a strong story.

Setup: Keyboard and mouse. 800 x 600 windowed.

The first Boss fight: Tim the Project Manager

Gameplay Log:
Is that a reference to Highlander (cutscene after level 11)
Becoming Shogun?

Steam Game Time: 75 minutes (session game time)

Today I went into the menu to check out what was available. I was particularly interested in seeing if one could set buttons for weapons 10 through 15. This was not possible. I was also interested if there were any in-game achievements. I could not find any.

Steam Game Time: 9 minutes (session game time)

My progress after 75 minutes.

+ Hilarious
+ Easy/Casual; dying just means retrying the level and there's plenty of ammo/health to pick up from killing zombies.
+ Simple gameplay, but good story

~ Simple top-down shooter.
~ Get more powerful weapons as the game progresses
~ Summaries are shown at the end of the game of how many zombies are killed, persons are saved, and things destroyed, but they seem to be of no consequence. Perhaps players can set private goals such as 100% Zombies Killed speedrun or 100% things destroyed speedrun.

Save your coworkers and they'll help you fight zombies (at least until they die)

~ The game hides it's difficulty settings in the "Game Options" menu.

- Keyboard shortcuts are limited to 1 through 9 but there are 15 weapons. I would have assigned the remaining weapons to letters. (Oddly, you can change the keyboard shortcut for weapons 1 through 9 in the "Keyboard Setup" menu. Please let me set keys for Weapons 10 through 15!!!)

In the end, the gameplay is just okay, while the story is great, and therefore I would recommend the game for the laughs. If you have the game in your library, then just play it for at least ten minutes.

Corporate Lifestyle Simulator (PC) (2014)

Game Options

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