Canabalt (Android) (2009)


Canabalt HD (Android) (2009)

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Jump from building to building in this fast-paced side-scrolling endless runner.


Get used to seeing this screen...

Modes: Eight variations of the basic gameplay (Origin). They are titled Panic (greater acceleration), Box Tripper (increased box occurrence), Fractured (increased building crumble), Purity (???), Bombardment (increased falling objects), Defenestration (increased close quarter buildings), Invasion (increased "mechanical legs"), Leap of Faith (invisible buildings).

Besides jumping gaps and obstacles, it may be necessary to run into crates in order to slow down or avoid them in order to speed up. Aspects such as timing the occurrence of a jump, controlling the duration of a jump, and deciding the height of the jump can also come into play.

+ Addictive, simple
+ Music by Danny Barnowsky
+ Variety of game modes
+ Randomly occurring events makes the game exhilarating

Canabalt is a fun game and I would definitely recommend it to others.

Leap of Faith


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