Vanguard Princess (PC) (2009)

I'm not a fighting game fanatic, but I casually enjoy them and today I thought I would check out Vanguard Princess.

Yui Kutuna

First I played as Yui Kutuna and tried to understand the basics of the game. Using the Vanguard Princess Wiki, I first practiced her Normal Moves (Neutral, then Low, then Jump) and Throw. Then I practiced her Command Normals. Finally I tried executing some of her special moves but the only one I could consistently pull off was her Hizakura Eye.

When playing her I mostly used the following:
* 6A, I used this as a gap closer as well as damage.
* 5B, balanced speed and range
* 5C, greater damage, greater range, but slower. Great finisher.
* 2C, ranged sweep.

Haruka Kutuna

Next up, I tried playing as Yui's sister Haruka Kutuna. Out of her regular attacks, I mostly used the following:
* Throw, 6C/4C, followed up with Melt Shot;
* 6B, a melee attack with good range;
* 2B, as suggested by the wiki, this was good poke;
* 5C, great when the opponent wanted to get in my face and I wanted to quickly hit them back, otherwise the range felt short.

With Haruka, however, I liked spamming her Special Move: Melt Shot, 41236+C.

And, to change things up, I would also use her Vertical Ray, 421+A/B/C, where A will shoot the lightning nearby (1/3 screen away), B will shoot it further away (2/3 screen away), and C will shoot it at the end of the screen.

Overall, Haruka has a strong poke and while fighting Hilda Rize with Yui was difficult. I easily beat Hilda Rize with multiple Melt Shots with Haruka.

After taking a break and reading some wiki information, I learned that the game had a free DLC which uncensors the game.

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