Probability 0 (PC) (2012)

Probability 0 (PC) (2012)

Overview: Rogue-like platformer where the character makes his way through a procedurally-generated level and kills enemies in order to level up and progress.

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I was initially confused, but then I thought I understood this game, until I realized that I didn't. And then I enjoyed the game, but I still didn't understand it.

Gameplay: Z to Jump, X to attack. At the beginning, the player can jump and press attack to drop a star (projectile). The player can also press attack while on the ground to punch an enemy. As the game progress, the player can unlock other abilities, such as dealing 1 damage when jumping on an opponent (procs once per enemy) or increasing his/her punch damage.

Useful Tip: The "probability counter" in the center is actually the player's health bar (starts at 5 HP) - communicated via the number of digits in the number. A soft siren sound plays when the player is at 2 HP and a blaring siren sound at 1 HP.

+ Pretty simple yet fun game

~ In this case the game is short, but I don't mind. Perhaps because there's a sense in which it's endless up to the player's ability.
~ Three modes to choose from : beginner, expert, karma

- Lacks clarity, though perhaps this is intentional as a rogue-like

While fun, I don't necessarily find Probability 0 worth recommending. But if you have it then its worth playing, at least for a couple minutes.

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