Rhythm Destruction (PC) (2014)

Overview: Both a rhythm game and a shoot 'em up, this game will test your multitasking abilities as you dodge bullets and navigate obstacles while attacking enemies on the beat of the music.

Rhythm Destruction (PC) (2014)

Basic gameplay.

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After reading some reviews, I decided to go ahead and try this game.

Gameplay: The game consists of 10 stages with an additional 3 stages available as part of a DLC.


In each stage, the main gameplay consists of movement via WASD /D-Pad/Analog Stick and attacks. Unlike traditional shoot 'em ups, attacks in Rhythm Destruction are executed by pressing the correct button(s) at the correct times (to the beat of the music).

Sometimes attacks need to be held down (when the direction is surrounded by yellow bars) and sometimes the directions come in pairs (down+left or up+right).

Basic gameplay. Yellow bars indicate hold after press.

First Impressions: The initial difficulty with this game was that there is a lot going on in each stage. As such, I would give the following tip:

Tip: The game awards points for being close to enemies when attacking them and collecting pickups. When acclimating to the game, try not to focus on these two aspects.

In any case, I definitely appreciated the blend of genres, but the music wasn't appealing enough for me to continue playing.

Boss. Holding down the 'Down' button as indicated.

Setup: Initially I played a couple of levels with a keyboard and the experience was decent. I later played with a gamepad and the experience was generally better. By default, both the D-Pad and the Analog stick are used for movement and the ABXY buttons are used for the "attacks." There were, however, moments where using the fingers on the arrow keys would have been easier to use than ABXY.

If I were to play more then I would either reconfigure buttons on the Steam Controller or play with the controller in my left hand and the arrow keys under my right hand.


+ Interesting blend of two genres: shoot 'em up and rhythm

~ The music may or may not appeal.
~ Takes a couple of games to get a feel for the game

This part of a stage doesn't require movement, just left, up, and right.

While not an amazing game, Rhythm Destruction is definitely worth trying. I would, however, recommend the game more for players who love the rhythm genre than for players who love the shooter genre. With that being said, you may or may not like the tracks.

*Rhythm Destruction is a good example of why I always read a couple of reviews before disregarding a game, at least when the reviews are mixed as opposed to negative.

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