BattleBlock Theater (PC) (2014)

BattleBlock Theater (PC) (2014)*
*BattleBlock Theater (Xbox 360) (2013)

Overview: BattleBlock Theater is a platformer which has some light puzzle elements with respect to navigating from point A to point B.

Introduction. A bunch of friends on a boat.

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Having played and enjoyed both Alien Hominid (GCN) (2004) and Castle Crashers (PC) (2012), the chances that I would also enjoy BattleBlock Theater were high.

Controlling the character for the first time.

Gameplay: Merely finishing a level in BattleBlock Theater may be rather straightforward, but collecting all the gems, finding the level's hidden yarn ball, and finishing in a timely manner will require some additional playtime and clever use of the level's environment.

+ Short, fun gameplay

Bring the boat closer!

+ Funny narration (especially the intro)
+ Unlock characters and tools.

~ Essential controls are explained during gameplay, but I would recommend the player check out the full list of controls from the menu screen.

Customize your player character!

? Co-op

BattleBlock Theater serves up an enjoyable platforming experience and I would definitely recommend it to gamers who enjoy platformers and anybody who enjoys any of The Behemoth's other games (e.g., Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers) should consider playing it.

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