Trine 2 (PC) (2011)

Overview: Physics-based puzzle platformer using the cooperation of a wizard, a thief, and a knight.

The Wizard balances atop a bubble.

Roughly following a YouTube guide on how to get used to the Steam Controller, I eventually got to the recommendation to play Trine 2. Preferring to test out the new controller with games I've already played, I was going to play Trine (2009). Unfortunately I only had Trine 2 installed on my laptop. As such, I took the plunge and loaded up Trine 2.

Then, while Trine 2 has gamepad support, I eventually loaded a Steam configuration file that essentially allowed the Steam Controller to mimic a keyboard and mouse configuration. Despite being a new way to control the game, using the Steam Controller in place of the traditional keyboard and mouse was amazingly intuitive. Admittedly I would get confused between some of the buttons (left click and right click), but I recall having the same problem with a mouse when I first played Trine.

A brief overview introduces the characters.

Control Comparison:
While rigorous testing will be necessary, I would make the following remarks using what I can recall from my previous experience with Trine (gamepad, keyboard+mouse) and my recent experience with Trine 2 (Steam Controller as keyboard+mouse).

Keyboard+Mouse: Traditional and gives an abundant number of keys. Mouse control is precise and perfect for drawing and aiming.
Gamepad: Number of buttons are limited, but sufficient for major gameplay elements. In particular, it's not a big deal in multiplayer where one of the players is on the keyboard. Drawing with right analog stick is doable but not great, and will be sufficient for aiming Thief's bow-and-arrow or Knight's boulder toss.

The Trine calls out to the Knight.

Steam Controller v1.0: Essentially equivalent to Keyboard+Mouse except for quickly switching characters in the midst of battle. On a real keyboard, the ring, middle, and index finger of the left hand hover over WASD for movement and switching characters is a quick matter of shifting the appropriate finger up to 1,2, or 3. On this configuration of the Steam Controller, the work is mainly assigned to the left-hand thumb: left analog for movement and left pad for switching via 1-2-3. The remaining buttons are left guard (left index finger) for switch left, and right guard (right index finger) for switch right.

Steam Controller v2.0: I re-assigned the Wizard (Keyboard button 1) to left pad, Thief (Keyboard button 2) to left guard, and Knight (Keyboard button 3) to the right guard. It works like a charm and I would say this refinement has the power of a keyboard and mouse setup combined with the comfort of a gamepad!

Our introduction to the Thief in Trine 2.

tl;dr: A custom configuration of the Steam Controller provides the best of both worlds (gamepad, keyboard+mouse). See "Steam Controller v2.0."

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+ Different ways to solve puzzles.
+ Great story

The Knight blocks the incoming blast with his shield.

+ Great graphics
+ Physics-based gameplay is fantastic

~ This game has environments just as visually stunning as those in Trine, but I no longer find then marvelous

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Having played the original Trine, I was no longer dazzled by the beautiful environments found in the sequel - at least thus far.

A mysterious person watches our heroes.

In terms of story, Trine 2 doesn't recap what happened in Trine. While this doesn't affect the story or gameplay in Trine 2, I would personally recommend any gamers interested in playing Trine 2 to start with Trine.

Overall, Trine 2 is still a solid game and one that I would recommend to players who enjoy puzzle platformers like Trine or Braid.

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Trine 2 (PC) (2011)

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