KAMI (PC) (2014)

Overview: A puzzle game where the player is presented with a piece of paper with many colored regions and must use a paint fill tool until the entire piece of paper is a single color, but using only as few moves as possible.

KAMI (PC) (2014)

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Today I decided to replay KAMI, but on PC instead of Android. For the most part, the experience was the same, though perhaps I thought the game was easier.

The color spreads using a pleasing animation - looks and feels like paper rapidly unfolding.

While initially some levels were tricky, I did a full pass through all 54 levels first, before returning to those which I had used an extra turn and was able to determine the key strategy.

If you're stuck, perhaps my strategy will help: Every color on the board will require a move to eliminate. For example, if a puzzle starts out with 4 colors and must be done in 5 moves, then essentially you will have one "free" move before each subsequent move *must* eliminate a color. Therefore, the first move is not actually free, and must be chosen so that the subsequent move can eliminate a color.

Of course, a more elementary strategy is to play around and experiment (trial-and-error).

Whether by luck or skill, unlike last time I played, I was never stuck on any of the 54 puzzles the way I was last time.

+ Relaxing, nice animation
+ Short and simple

Overall, I would recommend this to anybody who enjoys casually playing puzzle games. In particular, I would recommend this game to anybody who enjoys the pace and feel of Zen Bound 2 (2010).

Of course, what's great with KAMI is that if you prefer playing games on your tablet or phone, you can get it on Android.

Steam: 78 minutes

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