Shiny The Firefly (PC) (2014)

Shiny The Firefly (PC) (2014)*
*Shiny The Firefly (iOS) (2013)

Overview: Play as a firefly named Shiny, find your children, and bring them home.

Perch to avoid danger.

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Today I played Shiny The Firefly and the experience went from promising to terrible. After playing for about seventeen minutes, I later played/left the game on for the sake of collecting the remaining Steam Trading Cards.

Rescue your babies!

Don't let the Steam launcher fool you, this game can only be played with a mouse. Click to direct Shiny where you want him to go and double-click to make him sprint. You cannot, however, spam his sprint, because sprinting will make him tired. Of course, sprinting can also be used to push heavy boulders around. Other mechanics includes throwing seeds and stealth.

Slam into boulders! Kill spiders!

~ Meant for tablets or touch screen play.

- Controls for keyboard at start-up, but doesn't actually work. Quite unfortunate.

Hide from wasps by perching behind a flower.

- As mentioned, the developers failed to port the game to PC. It's natural to hold down the mouse button to redirect the character; it's unnatural to continuously reclick.
- Even the mouse controls feel a bit lackluster

I can see how Shiny The Firefly might be good on a tablet, but this PC port of the game is a failure and I would recommend players stay away from the PC version.

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