SteamWorld Dig (PC) (2013)

Overview: SteamWorld Dig is a cross between a mining game and a platform game.

SteamWorld Dig (PC) (2013)

The first item: your uncle's Old Pickaxe

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Today I tried playing this game and I enjoyed the Western theme.

In addition, the upgrades were pretty cool, but the enemies were lacking, the mining eventually got tedious, and the platforming element was so-so.

+ Western theme
+ Mysterious premise (the protagonist seems to be destined for something)

Find upgrades!

~ Upgrades and grinding...

- Can't mine while jumping
- Often too simple (three AI, thus far I've encountered only two different types of enemies)

Digging towards the red dot on the minimap (top-right)

- The mining eventually got boring.
- Mining lacks transparency (the gems seem to stack in a sack, but I couldn't tell what would be mined prior to mining it)

I enjoyed SteamWorld Dig for a full 1.4 hours before finally getting bored of it. Had the game been a complete combination of Mega Man and Terraria, that would have been pretty cool.

Buy upgrades from the shop.

Unfortunately, it was like Mega Man without the enemies and like Terraria without the crafting which was an underwhelming experience.

Steam: 1.4 hours

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