Double Dragon: Neon (PC) (2014)

Instead of playing more Sunless Sea before I went to sleep, I went ahead and tried playing Double Dragon: Neon. Unfortunately, less than half an hour into the game, it unexpectedly crashed on me. While it was fun thus far, I decided I might as well save the game for cooperative play.

Swing, batter, batter!
Setup: Gamepad

Looking to take some additional screenshots, I loaded up the game and replayed the second level. After losing against the boss I played it again only to encounter the same bug I ran into the other day.

However, aside from the bug, I began to notice how unresponsive some of the inputs were. For example, I'd be throwing out a couple of punches and I'm ready to dodge, but for whatever reason the game would fail to recognize that I attempted to dodge.

I've been hit!

Today my friend and I tried playing the co-op mode. While we had some fun, the game experience was poor.

First, we realized the inability to throw more than a single ground punch after getting the enemy to the ground was debilitating. Second, we didn't quite understand how to perform High Fives. Third, we tried to open a shop door but couldn't. Finally last, but not least, the game crashed after the brothers were launched to space.

Co-op Mode (20160731)
Setup: We both used our Steam controllers.

+ Nice visuals
+ Good soundtrack

~ One of the brawling mechanics is a two-player experience
~ A single player has the option to enable an AI.
~ A classic (80s) experience.

Skullmageddon was behind the kidnapping.
- Lacks the finesse of a good fighting game.

? I encountered two crashes with unknown cause.


First Impressions:
Thus far I'm on the fence with Double Dragon Neon. I certainly would have played more had the game not crashed, but the game lacked such an appeal that I did not care to boot it up after the crash. If there's any hope for this game, it'll be in the cooperative experience.

I don't think this game will be good enough to recommend buying, but it's probably good enough to recommend playing. I'll have to check out the cooperative play before I put in a final say.

Double Dragon: Neon (PC) (2014)*
*Double Dragon: Neon (PSN/XBLA) (2012)

Marian (left) has been kidnapped!
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