Concursion (PC) (2014)

Overview: A game that incorporates multiple genres: run-and-jump platformer, fighting platformer, side-scrolling shooter, jetpack, and Pac-Man. The player's abilities depends on the player's position in the game.

I jumped up into another dimension...
...and used the jetpack to propel into the same dimension to continue using the jetpack.

20180202 AM Hours:
I played a couple levels of Concursion before going to sleep and wasn't impressed. However, I had yet to reach the point in the game where the different genres really blend. At the moment, the game was still adjusting me, the player, to the mechanics of each genre separately.

Setup: Keyboard.

Progress: Beat 4 Levels, Collected 7 Shards

Steam Game Time: 16 minutes

Pac-Man style gameplay.

20180202 Noon:
Rather than giving up entirely, I give the game a second chance. Overall, I enjoyed the interactions that were beginning to happen. However, I thought the first boss fight was annoying and there were moments where I felt as if the controls were clunky. And a part of me felt like this was intentional. Some players who enjoy the limited controls of older games may enjoy this. Personally, if I were looking to play a game with this type of control, I would play a classic Nintendo game such as Metroid (NES) (1986) or Castlevania (NES) (1986).*

Setup: Logitech F510 Controller

Progress: Beat 12 Levels, Collected 26 Shards

Steam Game Time: 56 minutes (total game time)

Side-scrolling shooter.

*Actually, I have played Castlevania and enjoyed it.

+ Novel gameplay mechanics.

- Poor graphics
- Controls occasionally felt clunky

Concursion seems like a game that appeals to a specific type of player - some subset of players who enjoy difficult platformers. It may further appeal to players who enjoy speedrunning. While I've enjoyed platformers with timed levels in the past (e.g., Dustforce (2012) and The Adventures of Shuggy (2012)), I did not enjoy the game mechanics of Concursion enough to try and go for the best times in its levels. Actually, the timed levels seems like an afterthought.

Concursion (PC) (2014)

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