Spirits (PC) (2012)

Overview: Spirits is a puzzle game similar to Lemmings.


Tip: Read the 'How to Play.'
Tip: Don't overlook the fact that plants can be collected from the air (click on a spirit to release a projectile).

Screenshots which span half an hour (11:30-11:59PM ET)

20151227 Snapshot:
The save file consists of Save Slot 1 (me) - levels 1 through 10 completed and Save Slot 2 (Josh) - levels 1 through 6 completed.

Steam Game Time: 50 minutes (total game time)

Today I started from my old save file. After completing levels 11 through 26, I was bored and stopped playing.

Steam Game Time: 1.7 hours (session game time) / 2.5 hours (total game time)

+ Simple, yet challenging.

- Controls can feel finicky
- Not as much variety as Lemmings.
- Feels slow and unexciting


I have mixed feelings about Spirits. Sometimes I found the game fun and challenging, and sometimes I found it slow and boring. Personally, I'd rather replay Lemmings before returning to this game.

Spirits (PC) (2012)*
*Spirits (iOS) (2010)

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