Influent (PC) (2013)

Today I tried playing Influent but I decided to stop after 12 minutes because I wasn't in the mood to walk around and learn words. It was also noisy and so learning the words wouldn't have been optimal. In any case, I definitely liked the idea behind the game.

As far as software goes, I would compare Influent to Rosetta Stone. Both use the concept that language should be directly learned via an audio-visual component as opposed to the typical classroom approach of translating words to words. With the latter, the learner has a tendency to translate from concept X to native language Y to target language Z. With the former, the learner can translate from concept X directly to target language Z.

The two differ in the concepts being taught and the way the language is taught. With Rosetta Stone, the user is given images, text, and audio that must be paired together. It is, however, crucial that all text and audio are in the target language. Deductive reasoning is critical to learning the language.

With Influent, it's up to the user to explore the world and pick objects to determine their corresponding target word. This still eliminates the native language (though there is an option to reveal a hint, but such an action should be discouraged).

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Influent (PC) (2013)

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