One Finger Death Punch (PC) (2014)

One Finger Death Punch (PC) (2014)*
*One Finger Death Punch (X360) (2013)

Lightsaber round!!

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Setup: Fullscreen, Gamepad (detected and used by default). Press 'Y' to switch from using a controller to using a keyboard.

Mechanics: Focusing on timing and planning, the game only uses two inputs: X (attack left) and B (attack right).

Step 1: You don't directly control movement in this game.

Details: Despite the simple input scheme, the game feels a bit like a rhythm game except without the music.

How to Exit: Exit the game by exiting fullscreen and closing the window. Though I'm pretty sure you can also just harmlessly press Alt+F4.

Fundamentally, One Finger Death Punch is like a 2D KickBeat (2014). Both feature a color-coded enemies which dictate how the enemy will be defeated and both revolve around a martial arts theme.

Step 2: Execute a basic attack when the enemy enters the zone.

However, a key difference is that KickBeat is a rhythm game that requires precise execution in tandem with a steady beat while One Finger Death Punch allows for some variation and room for error.

In general, this difference makes One Finger Death Punch a faster and more exciting that KickBeat. Consequently, I like One Finger Death Punch more than KickBeat.

On a final note, One Finger Death Punch also has more variety in gameplay compared to KickBeat.

The game steadily adds new mechanics like throwing weapons.

+ Fast-paced action
+ Simple controls
+ New rules are added so the game continually feels fresh
+ Cool animations

~ Some of the background objects were distracting at first. But they're just there for fun.

The enemies are color-coded.

This game is so simple and fun that I would recommend this game to anybody who doesn't mind a little stick-figure violence.

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