Overview: A simple, yet challenging arcade shooter with plenty of variations and missions.


Attacking a Blimp

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The other day I laid out a new way to find some new games to play. But today, when logging into, I was shown an prompt to play Luftrausers (click on the "Calculator" tab). In general, the prompt shows a randomly picked from the user's library. What's nice, however, is that steamdb also shows how much playtime I've already put into the game and its steamdb rating.

Combine various parts.

Combine parts for an aircraft (Weapon / Body / Engine) and destroy enemy ships and planes for points. Unlock new parts by meeting various goals such as 'kill 20 enemies in total' or 'kill 3 jets in one game.'

Basic gameplay consists of firing the aircraft's weapon, rotating the aircraft, and using the aircraft's engine (propulsion). After the aircraft is damaged, it will begin regenerating health, but only if the aircraft is not firing its weapon. Various parts will modify these stats, such as when the aircraft takes damage, how quickly it regenerates health, and how much health it has.

Pew pew pew.

A list of all the parts in Luftrausers can be found here (Luftrausers Wiki).

After many failed attempts and changes in loadout, I decided to look for info on how to kill a battleship. One suggestion said to use the Nuke body, but I didn't have that yet. Another was to use the Cannon weapon with Melee body and Underwater engine, but I only had the Melee body.

Ultimately, the most important piece of information was the following: there's no trick to it, you just have to keep hitting it without dying.

With this in mind, I was able to kill several battleships on my next run (Laser / Armor / Gungine). Attacking the battleship while kiting its barrage of fire was key.

Unfortunately, I then noticed that the mission goals were related to my craft's parts! Thus, while I managed to kill a battleship with the Laser weapon equipped, the "kill a battleship" goal was for the Original weapon.

Tip: To quit the game without Alt-F4, at the carrier, press 'O,' then scroll down to 'Exit,' and press 'X.'

Access [O] Options from the carrier.

Steam Game Time: 51 minutes

Somewhat addicted, I return today for more.

However, I stopped playing when I reached a combination of sleepiness and slowed progress: I was attempting to complete '30 in a combo' but I was, on average, doing worse and worse - though I came close on one attempt. With that being said, I was also being greedy and trying tot accomplish multiple goals at once. In hindsight, it would have been better just to focus on one goal at a time.

'quit game' can be found at the bottom of the 'Options' menu.

Steam Game Time: 2.6 hours (total game time)

+ Fun, simple game: only arrow keys, Z, and X
+ Simple, yet complex: interesting mechanics

~ A mildly steep learning curve

Minor Con:
- Somewhat short-lived as the game may eventually feel repetitive.

The dark circle represents health. Stop shooting to replenish it.


Some of the best games I've played are good because they consist of simple mechanics, yet complex and enjoyable gameplay. With clever use of water to accelerate and decelerate, the mechanics behind turning or falling, and the balance between regenerating health and firing, Luftrausers is definitely a game with simple mechanics, but complex and enjoyable gameplay. Thus, while the game will eventually feel repetitive, I would recommend it to anyone looking for something quick and mildly addicting.


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