Polarity (PC) (2014)

Polarity (PC) (2014)

Read beams ahead! Currently red? Check. Proceed!

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Today I tried playing this game and decided to stop after a short 21 minutes. I was hoping it'd have a similar experience to Portal (PC) (2007), but I disliked the pacing of the first three levels.

Placing the red cube activates the platform.

In Portal, the player's goal is to progress by solving puzzles using the portal gun. In contrast, there's a slight shift of the player's goal in Polarity to collect pieces of data. This shift can feel tedious and take away from the game's use of polarity. To elaborate, it'd be great if the pieces of data were in obvious positions but required a polarity-based puzzle to attain them. Instead, several pieces are hidden and don't require the use of polarity at all, just mindless backtracking.

To stand on the blue pattern, the player will need to be of the opposite polarity (red).

While the game might improve its pacing several levels into the game, I wasn't in the mood to endure more of what I had already encountered.

I bought this game on sale for 21 cents, but if I knew then what I know now, I would not have purchase it.

The last data piece of this level is stupidly hidden before the exit.

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