Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (PC) (2015)

Today I played this game with my friends. With a couple of explosions under our belts, we managed to play up to and including the second moderate level. For these sets of games, I was in charge of defusing the bomb, Michael was the primary manual reader, Phuong was the secondary manual reader, and Josh was the tertiary manual reader.

To elaborate, Michael was in charge of scrolling through the PDF and both him and Phuong communicated the most while solving the introductory and basic puzzles. Meanwhile, Josh mostly watched and would chime in every now and then - growing more silent and sleepy with every passing puzzle. Finally, it was mostly just Michael communicating with me during first and second moderate level bombs.

In any case, I normally wait for sales, but I simply couldn't wait to play this game. I did, however, make sure my friends were on board with playing.

+ Fun, tense gameplay

~ Need a friend to play with.
~ Might lead to frustration depending on who you play with


Although this game may not be for everybody, I would definitely recommend it to puzzle lovers and I would also recommend players take a gamble and try it out regardless of their usual genre.

Exploded. Ouch. (20160225)


Played the game with my coworkers during a retreat in Canada.


20170115 Snapshot
Since I've gotten the game, I've played (from the start and up to some level) with a handful of people. First with my friends, once with my coworkers, once with some extended family (I was the bomb defuser, along with a kid too young to read), once with my sister (20160427, I was the bomb defuser), and once with my girlfriend (20161024, I was the manual user). I love this game!

Five modules, oh my! (20160427)

Steam Game Time: 4.2 hours (total game time)

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (PC) (2015)

Overview: An asymmetrical co-op game where at least two players work together through communication in order to defuse procedurally-generated bombs: one person gets to see the bomb and the rest get to see the bomb manual.

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