Cibele (PC) (2015)

Overview: View snapshots of a girl and her first romance through a mixture of media: photos, text, e-mail, etc.

Looking through the list of games under "Recommended By Filter," I decided to play Cibele.

Setup: Touchpad. (I should have gotten my USB mouse, my touchpad is so stiff.)

Tip: After completing the second act* and preparing to quit, I noticed the game specifies that
"Cibele autosaves at the beginning of every act."

The story was excellent and I wanted to keep playing, but it was already getting late.

Steam Game Time: 57 minutes

*Apparently there are three acts.

+ Great story
+ Excellent presentation

~ I can't help but clicking on every single file. I only skimmed the text.
~ Due to the initial exploratory nature (e.g., "What is this game about?"), the flow of the game starts off a little slow

- Focuses more on the story and less on being a game


When considering comparisons for Cibele, I first thought of Dinner Date (2010), a video game which guides the player through the experiences of a man as he waits for his date.

Cibele, however, despite being just about as linear as Dinner Date, carries more depth and seeks to develop a more intricate story. Overall, it has more substance and is more of a video game than Dinner Date.

Of course, Dinner Date was written by a single person whereas Cibele - from what I can gather - had a small development team behind it.

With that being said, my guess is that the game could have had more bells and whistles, but was intentionally designed to be simple in order to emphasize the story itself.

Overall, if you're primary attraction to video games is a good story, then I would highly recommend Cibele.

Cibele (PC) (2015)

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