Metal Slug (PC) (2015)

Metal Slug (PC) (2015)*
*Metal Slug (Neo Geo) (1996)
also known as Super Vehicle-001: Metal Slug

Inside the SV-001. Its health can be seen in the upper left corner.

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Today I played Metal Slug for the first time. In fact, as far as I can remember, I have never played any game in the Metal Slug series until today.

Playing the game with scanlines.

Setup: I used the keyboard for controls, set the resolution at 1920x1080, the aspect ratio to 16:9, and scanlines to 100% (I later turn off the scanlines in favor of brightness).

+ Action-packed
+ Solid graphics
+ Good

While using the turret is satisfying, the player is still vulnerable

~ Beating the game on 'Medium' with continues is simply a matter of patience. Consequently most of the game's replayability will come from the player's desire to get a high score or achieve various speedrun goals.

Steam: 59 minutes

Today, after watching a speedrun on 'Hardest,' I was inspired to play the game on 'Easy' and I implemented some of the techniques I saw. In particular, I had overlooked the power of the Metal Slug tanks.

Despite playing on 'Easy,' I still had to use 14 continues in order to complete the game.

Final Boss.
The enemy dramatically falls out and splatters on the ground.

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