Emily is Away (PC) (2015)

Overview: Emily is Away is a visual novel presented in the form of a series of AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) conversations.

Today I played the game for the first time and finished all five chapters of the story.

Steam Game Time: 54 minutes

Today I played to get all the remaining achievements.

1) Open chapter 1 and enter a screen name.
2) A correct screen name will unlock an icon.
3) Get the corresponding achievement

Note that many icons can be unlocked, but only some have achievements.

Steam Game Time: 87 minutes (total game time)

The buddy list references other video games.

+ Story-driven

~ Short
~ Nostalgic AIM Conversation

Emily is Away is a short, simple, yet compelling game. While I initially didn't see why I should care for Emily at all, the game effectively created an interest and I finished it feeling helpless.

If you like games with good stories, then you should consider playing Emily is Away.

Emily is Away (PC) (2015)

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