Uplink (PC) (2001)

Overview: In Uplink you take on hacking missions to earn money and improve your hardware, software, and ranking within the Uplink agency.

Uplink (Steam) (2006)
*Uplink (PC) (2001)

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Today I played Uplink for the first time and it was pretty fun. In particular, I liked how the game managed to create a realistic experience. Unfortunately, I'm not in the mood to play any game for more than one or two hours (unless its Terraria or League of Legends). With that being said, I look forward to playing more of Uplink some day.

Setup: I played with a touchpad, but using a mouse may be easier and save precious seconds.

Early Gameplay: I read the story becomes more engrossing, but the following is an example of a simple hacking mission.

1) Choose from a list of missions.
2) Receive an email with details on the job.
3) Setup a connection to the target, bounce the connection through multiple nodes
4) Use software to crack the login. The target will probably attempt to trace the activity.

5) Follow the email instructions (copy a file, delete a file, etc.)
6) If there's still time left, pull up the list of logs and delete any logged activity.
7) Disconnect before being traces.

Although I've only played a little under an hour of Uplink, I'd already be willing to recommend it to any player who enjoys a bit of suspense as opposed to action. It's also perfect for the player who has always wanted to hack a corporation the way its seen in the movies (again the suspense factor of being traced and caught comes into play).

Steam: 51 minutes

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