Long Live the Queen (PC) (2012)

As of 20190308, I couldn't remember how I went about choosing to play Long Live the Queen. Regardless, I had a positive experience.

Elodie's mood changes throughout the game.

Setup: I played it in window mode and streamed a good portion of it on twitch.tv (it's been about five years since I last tried my hand at streaming).

Steam Game Time: 2.5 hours (some idle time)

Elodie is cheerful and gains a bonus to improving her Public Speaking.

+ Reasonable premise
+ Fun story
+ Cute artwork

~ Game benefits from creating many save branches.

Oh no! She's been shot by an arrow!

Minor Cons:
- Initially overwhelming and mysterious gameplay (specifically the interaction between moods and skills)

After about an hour of playing, I was beginning to get the hang of the game and I started enjoying the story. Long Live the Queen has many endings (including different ways to die) and exploring the various branches in the story can add hours of fun to the game.

Who shall I dance with?

Long Live the Queen (PC) (2012)

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