Geometry Dash (PC) (2014)

Overview: A rhythm-based action platformer.

Today I played this game for the first time and I was determined to complete the first level. However, I had absolutely no feeling to play beyond that.

Jump, Jump, Jump! (hold down the jump key to immediately jump)

Setup: Default keyboard controls.

Gameplay Log:
I tried the first level a couple of times.
I went into practice mode and played until I won.
I went back into normal mode for 26 attempts; my furthest progress was 78%
I returned to practice mode until I won (it was easier than the first time, in part because of experience in normal mode)
Finally, I returned to normal mode and won on my first try! (albeit with no stars)

First Impressions:
+ Controls are simple, easier to learn.
+ Practice mode is useful
+ Collecting stars adds for replay value.

After several attempts, I got it in one attempt! (see gameplay log)

Steam Game Time: 35 minutes

This game can be addicting, but the reason it doesn't appeal to me is that it's centered around muscle memory and persistence. In contrast, a game like Super Meat Boy (2010) also requires muscle memory and persistence, but unlike Geometry Dash, there's a wider range of choices which the player can make in order to optimize completion of a level.

Of course, if you're hesitant about buying Geometry Dash, then you can just play a free version of it online, just without all the bells and whistles of the Steam version.

Geometry Dash (PC) (2014)*
*Geometry Dash (Android) (2013)

Carefully control your altitude in this part of the level.

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