Lumino City (PC) (2014)

Overview: A point-and-click adventure which is a direct sequel to Lume (2011). Both games feature an environment which has been hand-crafted.

The Crane

20180223 Noon Hours:
Ada and I played Lumino City today and we made progress up to The Lightwell.

Starting @ 11:21AM PT
Game Time: 97 minutes (Offline)

20180223 Evening Hours:
After settling down at our Airbnb, Ada and I decided to play some more. We started by redoing The Lightwell.*

The Captain

Steam Game Time: 79 minutes (Session Game Time)
Total Game Time: 176 minutes

*I learned on 20180301 that the reason I had to replay the level was because I clicked on the chapter icon instead of clicking "Resume" (which was obscured by the chapter icons).

The rains caused the power to go out and so Ada and I decided to play some Lumino City.

A puzzle in The Photographer

We started by redoing The Captain (potatoes/bird/water tank/rowing). With help of a hint from the handymanual which Lumi finds at the start of the game, Ada figured out how to obtain the salt.

Starting @ 10:38PM PT (Ending @ 20180302 12:23AM PT)
Game Time: 45 minutes (Session Game Time)
Total Game Time: 221 minutes (or approximately 3.7 hours) = 79 minutes (Steam) + 142 minutes (Offline)

Today Ada and I completed Lumino City!

A puzzle in The Diner

For the Spinner House, we were stuck on what to do with the hammer and nails. Eventually we looked up the solution in the Handy Manual and the solution was a little silly. My criticism has to deal with Lume's height. Thinking about it now, Lume's ability to reach and jump is inconsistent throughout the game, and so perhaps it should have come to less of a surprise.

After the Spinner House, there was a puzzle with a circuit board and while we were able to solve it, we didn't completely understand the reason behind some of the pairings. I tried looking the solution up in the Handy Manual, but the hint for finding the page is (probably) wrong. I decided to revisit the puzzle after we completed the game. I manually went through the book and found the solution (on page 777), but it was just a solution with a poor hint. There was no explanation for the different pairings. Regardless, we subsequently managed to figure out a couple of the mysterious pairings, but we were still left without the reasoning behind the pairs matched with the arrows (down 2 and up 1 down 3). Looking for answers, I found a Steam thread where some users explained that down means "subtract one" and up means "add one".

The Spinner House

Steam Game Time: 3.0 hours (Session Game Time)
Total Game Time: 6.7 hours = 4.4 hours (Steam) + 2.3 hours (Offline)

+ Artistic and gorgeous. The world of Lumino City is hand-crafted.
+ A larger and more fulfilling experience compared to Lume; makes sense, because my impression was that Lume intentionally acts as a teaser to Lumino City.

A puzzle in The Captain.

~ Puzzles have a good variety of difficulty.

Ever since I played and completed Lume (2011), I couldn't wait to play the original.

The hand-crafted background and characters give Lumino City a charming vibe which outweighs any minor flaws that may exist in the games's puzzles. I would highly recommend the game to fans of point-and-click adventures. However, I would first recommend players start with Lume, which is a short game, and directly serves as a premise to Lumino City.

Lumino City (PC) (2014)

Title Screen.

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