100% Orange Juice (PC) (2013)

Overview: A digital board game featuring characters from various video games developed by Orange_Juice (Flying Red Barrel, QP Shooting, SUGURI, and Sora).

Game Mechanics:
On a high level, the game is a board game where the players must collect stars, fight enemies, and/or fight each other. Some spaces on the board result in drawing a card from a common deck which is composed of cards chosen by each player. Players should choose cards based on their stats and special.

Game Board

I thought 100% Orange Juice was a visual novel and booted it up to play with Ada. However, we didn't have internet and so I couldn't load up the instruction guide (if I recall we were at Midway International Airport). This made it difficult to understand and we went on to play Lumino City instead.

Setup: We chose to play as the character QP. I don't remember what difficulty we chose.

Game Time: Approximately 15 minutes.



Today I decided to play 100% Orange Juice.* Without an in-game tutorial, I was forced to read the instruction manuals.

Setup: I chose to play as the character QP.

I started with Campaign Mode, Original difficulty for two or three games and then I tried a couple games on Normal. Then at some point I tried playing a game under the Free Play mode.

Out of all the games I played during the three hours, I managed to win once.

Steam Game Time: 3.2 hours
Total Game Time: 3.45 hours

Creating a deck.

*It was sorted as "Overwhelmingly Positive" in my Steam library, but I didn't realize until drafting this post that it was now just rated as "Very Positive."

~ The game's multiplayer mode may be more enjoyable

- The RNG in this game makes it annoying. This is even true of Normal difficulty.
- No in-game tutorial.
- Unlocking content by collecting stars would be an absolute grind.

Unlocking Cards

I gave this game a solid three hours trying to figure out if I was missing critical strategy. However, I felt like the game's randomness (RNG) made planning strategy difficult.

In contrast, consider the video board game series Mario Party which has some randomness through the dice rolls when moving about the board, but requires skill (with the mini-games) to gain an advantage. As such, even a player who is less skilled and wins less mini-games can win the game as a whole (due to luck), but theoretically he/she will win less often (over a large sample). In other words, luck plays about 10% in Mario Party. With 100% Orange Juice, I'm under the impression that luck plays about 80%.

Overall, I've played my share of board games and some require more luck than others. This game requires a lot of luck.

100% Orange Juice (PC) (2013)

I finally won a game!

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