Pix the Cat (PC) (2015)

Overview: An arcade game whose game mechanics are a blend of Snake and Pac-Man. In an oversimplification, Pix must collect ducklings and drop them off without running into enemies or the train of ducklings which grows behind him (the train grows with every duckling collected and shortens with every duckling dropped off). Earn bonus points by collecting all the ducklings in a stage before dropping any of them off.

Today I played Pix the Cat for the first time.

I'm on a role! Fever Time!

Setup: Keyboard

Game Time: 14 min (offline)


20180221 AM Hours:
Having only played for a short time earlier, Setup: Keyboard

Steam Game Time: 62 minutes
Total Game Time: 76 minutes


20180226 Part 1:
While traveling from the East Coast back to the West Coast, I played some Pix the Cat.

Setup: Controller

Starting @ 7:52AM
Game Time: 102 minutes (offline)
Total Game Time: 178 minutes

I managed to break a million points (one of the Steam Achievements).


20180226 Part 2:
Still traveling, I played some more Pix the Cat. It's fun!

Setup: Controller

Starting @ 12:50PM
Game Time: 69 minutes (offline)
Total Game Time: 247 minutes


Puzzle Mode

+ Various modes, including a puzzle mode.
+ The main arcade mode is fast-paced, though sometimes it feels unbelievably fast.

~ Difficult to master.

- Improving at arcade mode is a repetitive process.

Another Puzzle


Pix the Cat has a variety of modes to play and personally I enjoyed the puzzle mode. The arcade mode was also fun at first, but I didn't care to spend so much time replaying the same levels over and over just to improve my score. It's akin to replaying a shooter over and over, improving on getting further without dying and improving the combos.

In contrast, I could spend hours on games with shorter levels. Examples include Super Meat Boy, 10 Second Ninja, and The Adventures of Shuggy.

Oh no! I ran into my "tail."

But everybody's different. In particular, some people have a knack for playing and improving at shooters. So I'm sure there'll be a crowd of arcade players who will enjoy Pix the Cat's main arcade mode.

Note that puzzle lovers will have to play the main arcade mode in order to unlock the puzzle mode (800,000 points).

Pix the Cat (PC) (2015)*
*Pix the Cat (PS4/PSVita) (2014)

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