Rock of Ages (PC) (2011)

Overview: Half the game is a tower defense that requires placing towers to slow down the time it takes for the opponent to reach your gate, meanwhile the opponent is building towers to slow the player down. The other half of the game is essentially a racing game: the player's goal is to reach the opponent's gate before the opponent reaches the player's gate.

According to my Steam achievements, I first played Rock of Ages today.

Hit the gate with as much speed as possible!

08:38AM Complete the tutorial level and escape from the underworld.
08:58AM Break off the first layer of your adversary's boulder.
08:58AM Break off the second layer of your adversary's boulder.

On 20181108, I found a series of screenshots which corroborates the Steam achievements. The screenshots were taken on this day (20120908) and run from 8:33 AM to 9:28 AM.


Letting the first tutorial be called the first level, I completed the fifth level.

References Lord of the Rings.

Steam Game Time: 97 minutes (total game time)

Rock of Ages 2 was available during Steam Free Weekend but I wanted to first return to Rock of Ages and play some of it before playing Rock of Ages 2.*

I ended up replaying the two tutorials, then replayed two of the levels I already played to try collect some keys, and then tried two or three times to beat the sixth level. I came close to beating it on my penultimate attempt. Unfortunately, when I went back into the level to try again, the game bugged out on me and I decided to quit.

*I never ended up playing Rock of Ages 2.

A stronger boulder.

Steam Game Time: 1.1 hours (session game time), 2.7 hours (total game time)

+ Funny cutscenes with various references (e.g., Castlevania, Lord of the Rings)

~ Hectic gameplay. Requires fast placement of towers in order to get rolling.

References Castlevania

- Although the sixth level was difficult and I failed to beat it, I found the game unappealing; perhaps the game felt boring / repetitive.

While the cutscenes which precede the levels are hilarious, the gameplay felt repetitive. With that being said, there is a viable opportunity to find enjoyment in completing this game - it's just not one that suits me.

Rock of Ages (PC) (2011)

You Win!

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