Murdered: Soul Suspect (PC) (2014)

Overview: You're a police detective who's died and become a ghost (in Salem, Massachusetts). Something is keeping you from moving on. Use your ghost investigation powers to solve the mystery of your own death.

Today I decided to play Murdered: Soul Suspect. I chose it by ordering my games on SteamDB by price and glancing down the list of games I have yet to play.

Detective Ronan O'Connor

I was enjoying the atmosphere of the game and the investigation/possession mechanic seemed promising. That is, until the game introduced these demons that can only be defeated from behind (with a quick time event). It felt like it was added just for the sake of difficulty.

Then, if that weren't bad enough, I eventually ran into a bug where I was stuck in a menu and not even alt+F4 worked. I manually closed the game from the taskbar.

Ronan talks with another ghost named Abigail.

Setup: Increased various visual settings. Keyboard / mouse.

Steam Game Time: 58 minutes

+ Promising premise / setup.

Ronan is somehow able to reveal Abigail's private drawings.

~ I'm not sure what I think about the investigation mechanic. It's kind of cool, yet sometimes unintuitive.

- "Enemies" are annoying: I tried to sneak up on a demon, somehow got spotted and had to hide, which was stupidly simple yet tedious, and then had to try two to three more times. Was this part of the game necessary?

Ronan runs into a demon.

- Ran into a bug: can't exit clues menu. The number of users commenting in a Steam thread indicated it's prevalent. Possible solutions: 1) turn off v-sync, 2) don't use touchpad, 3) windowed mode instead of fullscreen, 4) don't alt-tab when playing in fullscreen, 5) use a controller

I saw the trailer for this game a long time ago and thought it looked cool. Unfortunately, my actual gameplay experience did not match my expectation. Of course, I suppose it didn't help that the game bugged out and I got stuck in the game menu while playing.

The player must correctly interpret flashbacks for clues.

Murdered: Soul Suspect (PC) (2014)

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I went into this menu screen and got stuck there.

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