Saints Row: The Third (PC) (2011)

Overview: An open world game with similarities to Grand Theft Auto but injected with a lot of humor.

Recently I was playing a classic favorite of mine, The Adventures of Shuggy (2012), with my fiancee Ada. But today I had some time to myself and picked a game using my most recent method: looking through my friend's list of played games. This led me to Saints Row: The Third.

Buying a new outfit.

Unfortunately, I oddly hadn't downloaded the game yet and while I waited I noticed I also had Saints Row 2 and Saints Row IV and so I looked into the game's story. With respect to playing the second game before the third, one forum thread suggested that it's unnecessary to play the second before the third, because while the series has a continuing story, it doesn't emphasize the story. As such, I went ahead and decided I would play Saints Row: The Third, and not Saints Row 2.

Last time, I didn't actually get around to playing Saints Row: The Third. Today, however, I was able to play it for twenty minutes before being interrupted. Upon quitting, the game prompted that my progress wouldn't be saved, but I had no choice (I didn't want to simply leave the game on with no idea on when I'd be able to resume it).

Setup: Increased some of the visual settings, including the resolution.

Steam Game Time: 20 minutes.

Today, although discouraged from yesterday's interruption, I decided to play again. Skipping cutscenes, I managed to just about reach the same progress I had made yesterday in about six minutes. Unfortunately, I had to quit once again. At least I only had to spend six minutes this time around.

My car.

Steam Game Time: 6 minutes.

After returning home, I saw that my heat sink fan had arrived and I excitedly set out to install my new CPU and HSF.

Eventually, I started playing Saints Row: The Third and completed the first mission. I proceeded to enjoy the game for more than four hours (with one or two breaks here and there).

Remark: As with yesterday (20171104), I tried recording my gameplay with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) but only had mild success. While I can't remember what got the capture to work yesterday, today my one success came when having OBS set to game capture Saints Row, and then start the recording before launching the game. I'm not entirely sure, but I believe it subsequently failed after I alt-tabbed out of the game.

Steam Game Time: 5.1 hours total

Take that you big meanie.

+ Funny
+ Easy to enjoy
+ Wide variety of missions

~ The wardrobe interface isn't perfect. I wish it were easier to create matching clothes.

- Some missions could benefit from one or two additional checkpoints.

I hope this parachute works...

I don't know how Saints Row: The Third compares to Saints Row IV (2013), but Saints Row: The Third is a balanced and enjoyable game.

While I'm not an expert when it comes to open world games, I'd recommend Saints Row: The Third to fans of open world games, especially those who enjoy games like Grand Theft Auto.

Saints Row: The Third (PC) (2011)

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I'm pretty sure I blend right in with the civilians.

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