HunieCam Studio (PC) (2016)

Overview: A business management simulator. In HunieCam Studio, the player runs a cam girl operation. Recruit girls and try to get as many fans as possible in the course of 21 days. Resource management includes photo shoots and running ads.

Over the past couple of weeks I've been going through my Humble Bundle purchases. Today I arrived at the Humble Hunie Sekai Bundle and out of the various games I decided to play HunieCam Studio which seemed like a casual game (as opposed to the various visual novels).


Gameplay Log:
Played for 0.8 hours before dinner.
Played 5.1 additional hours after dinner. Addicting. Surprisingly fun resource management game.
: First 1.6 hours to finish the first run (for a total of 2.4 hours on the first save file): 8353 fans [Save File A]
: Another 2.3 hours to finish the second run: 30,895 fans [Save File B]
: Then 0.7 hours on a third run which I stopped at Day 7 8:15 AM (-2,765 dollars) [Save File C]
: Finally 0.2 hours on the forth run when I quit the game.
: Note: Apparently there was about 0.2 hours spent on the main menu (either idle or purchasing hairstyles/wardrobe).
But then I was addicted and came back for another 3.5 hours more!
: 2.5 hours to finish that fourth run: 99,560 fans (nooooo!!! short of Diamond by 440 fans) [Save File D]
:: It's possible, in hindsight, a different selection of promos would have gotten it for me but I don't want to do the math...
: Overwrite Save File C with new game.
: Approximately the remaining hour to start a fifth run which was going well but I was also falling asleep (and this might have lowered my efficiency). Paused at Day 10.

Hire girls to do various tasks (represented by different buildings) such as doing a cam show, getting a photo shoot done, and buying drinks.

Steam Game Time: 9.4 hours (total game time)


Gameplay Log:
Played 2.2 hours (total 3.2 hours) with approximately 0.2 hours spent idle: 104,936 fans [Save File C]
Achievement Hunting. Shooting for both "Earn the Gold trophy without escorting" and "Purchase every investment within 21 days" (with priority to the "Gold" achievement).
: Played approximately 2.9 hours: 127,901 fans [Save File E] (accomplished both aforementioned achievements).
I stopped playing there, but was curious about the "Silver Skinflute" achievement. Answer: wording should be "Earn the Silver trophy with at most two recruits."

Steam Game Time: 14.5 hours (total game time) / 5.1 hours (today's game time)

Keep track of what the fans are interested in. Fetishes (i.e., genres) include fit, ebony, and anal.

20190828 AM Hours:

Gameplay Log:
Achievement Hunting. Shooting for "Earn the Silver trophy using only 3 girls." And so I don't go overboard, Silver is reached is at 10K.
: Oh no. I ended up getting close to 100K and if I started the sprint for Sleezy Hotel sooner I might have gotten it. I had 344K to spend on one more promo. I'll have to review the video to see how close I came to breaking 100K under these conditions.
: Played approximately 2.2 hours: 92,282 fans [Save File F] (accomplished achievement)

Steam Game Time: 16.7 hours (total game time) / 2.2 hours (session game time)


Gameplay Log:
Overwrite Save File A with new game.
Achievement Hunting. Shooting for "Earn the Bronze trophy without using accessories." Might also do "Brand Loyalty" and "Catch 'Em All" if convenient.
: Played approximately 2.2 hours: 38,639 fans [Save File A] (accomplished all three planned achievements)
Overwrite Save File B with new game.


Achievement Hunting. Last achievement: unlock all outfit/hairstyles. Also testing out the hard mode.
: Spent about 0.4 hours and it was difficult! Either the RNG was bad or my strategy was bad (I stuck with the cycle of character I normally use. It's easier to identify names and fetishes that way).
: Overwrite Save File B with new game, just normal mode. I just want to get the last achievement and set this game aside.
: Played about 2.3 hours: 45,355 fans [Save File B]
: Got exactly enough coins (8) to unlock the remaining 8 outfit/hairstyles.

Steam Game Time: 21.6 hours (total game time)

+ Humorous
+ Interesting game mechanics

~ Hard Mode is a challenge
~ No story

Endgame Stats

- No fast forward or automation
- Repetitive

While the game was repetitive, it was fun enough for me to play until I had completed all the Steam Achievements. Although the game was a resource management game, it had aspects of being a clicker, and clickers are mysteriously addicting.

HunieCam Studio (PC) (2016)

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