Skullgirls (PC) (2013)

Overview: A 2D fighting game. The story centers around the Skull Heart. It grants a wish to a woman and in return inhabits her body until she becomes a Skullgirl.

Player Parasoul defeats AI Parasoul (Story Mode)

As I continue my goal to breaking even on Humble Bundles, today I decided to play Skullgirls - part of the Humble Brawler Bundle.

This game uses six fighting buttons and more double button presses making it hard to execute moves on the gamepad. In comparison, I recently played Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- which only used five fighting buttons and less double button presses.

Setup: Windowed. Xbox Gamepad.

Parasoul and Valentine (Story Mode)

Gameplay Log:
Went through part of the tutorial.
Cut it short and played Parasoul's tutorial.
Played Parasoul Story Mode.
: In story mode I found Parasoul's 4,6,P to be good poke. In fact, I used it exclusively against Marie.
: I was initially trying to practice her 2,1,4,K without fully understanding how it works. Apparently she can either trigger them or let the explode on their own. If they explode on their own, then the opponent may or may not get hit by them.

Filia versus Peacock (Tutorial)

Steam Game Time: 99 minutes

+ Most of the artwork is nice; I thought some of the artwork looked weird
+ Tutorial

- Combo-heavy with seemingly little to no counterplay.

Parasoul versus Marie (Story Mode)

I enjoyed playing the game, but between this game and Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- which I played recently, then I would personally prefer -SIGN-. In general, I preferred the art style and fighting mechanics of -SIGN- more than that of Skullgirls. With that being said, I barely scratched the surface with either games and my general knowledge of fighting games is thin.

Skullgirls (PC) (2013)

Parasoul loses to Ms. Fortune (Story Mode)

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