Animal Super Squad (PC) (2018)

Overview: A physics-based platformer.

Ruthie the chicken wearing a rastacap riding the Flush Master

Today I continued my goal of breaking even on my Humble Bundle purchases; I'm currently trying to break even with the Yogscast Jingle Jam 2018 bundle. While the bundle consists of about 70 games, many of them are obscure or have a low all-time sale price or don't immediately appeal to me. As with the case of Animal Super Squad, I mainly base my initial impression of a game on it's current Steam ratings and/or reviews. If I get a good impression, then I'll blindly try the game out and see if I enjoy it. In the case of Animal Super Squad, I ultimately did enjoy it to some extent.

Setup: Keyboard.

Steam Game Time: 90 minutes

Ethan the sloth wearing a banana hat

+ Casual, yet reasonably challenging
+ Fun level design
+ Amusing
+ Learning is built into the level design

~ Interesting that the game doesn't have an in-level timer, because this type of game lends itself to being timed

Ruthie wearing a fez riding the Bike+Kopter

Minor Con:
- There was one part in a level where I got stuck in a big barrel (even after resetting to the checkpoint) and couldn't figure out why; I still don't know for certain but at one point I managed to get past the big barrel (if I were to guess, then I was able to pass the barrel by ditching the vehicle).

I was initially unimpressed by the feel of the game, but the gameplay experience grew on me. I started to enjoy the variety of obstacles which the game threw my way. However, I was only driven to play all the main levels (a total of 10) in the first area, Boulogner Forest.

Overall, it's a game worth trying out and likely one of the stronger offerings in the Yogscast Jingle Jam 2018 bundle.

Pokla the fish wearing an Amanita

Animal Super Squad (PC) (2018)

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