Dead by Daylight (PC) (2016)

Overview: An asymmetric 4 vs. 1 survival horror game where one player (Killer) in first-person view hunts four other players (Survivors) in third-person view. Survivors try to repair generators and escape before being caught.

Playing as a survivor, I got captured by the Killer

This game was free to play for several days and so I decided to give it a try. I first tried playing a match as the Killer (Trapper) and then I played a match as a survivor (William 'Bill' Overbeck).

I'm not sure if the game is actually balanced, or if the balance varies by character levels, but in my two matches, playing as the Killer felt easier than playing as a survivor.

Playing as the Killer, I spot a Survivor and prepare to chase him down.

Steam Game Time: 76 min

+ Exciting

~ Seems repetitive; in a similar way that League of Legends is repetitive. Of course, perhaps in the same way I find League of Legends fun, so too could someone enjoy playing Dead by Daylight over and over.
~ Violent

Repairing an engine. Takes forever. Requires a good reaction to pass the skill checks.

- Possibly imbalanced, favoring the Killer

I only played two matches (one as The Killer and one as a Survivor) to get the gist of the game and if the game had been $5 I would have considered purchasing and playing more of it. However, as it stands, $10 (50% off the $20 retail price) was still too much for a game that I'd personally enjoy less than a plethora of other games. Consequently, I decided to limit my time investment into a game I wouldn't be owning any time soon.

Not bad for my first game as The Killer (only one Survivor managed to escape)

With that being said, I could easily imagine many players, especially fans of survival horrors, enjoying Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight (PC) (2016)

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