The Darkness II (PC) (2012)

Overview: A mobster named Jackie Estacado is the host of the Darkness, an evil being which gives Jackie powers. Use the Darkness's tendrils to slash and grab enemies, tear open locked doors, and various other things. If the tendrils weren't evil, I'd take a pair.

Today I played The Darkness II, yet another game I hadn't played which cost $29.99 (see footnote).

Jackie with dual wielding guns, two tendrils, and a Darkling.

Setup: Difficult: Mobster

Steam Game Time: 98 minutes

+ Decent story told through cutscenes
+ Good sound and voice work

Jackie's girlfriend Jenny.

~ Not exactly my kind of game. There's just so much going on and so many options. I don't really recognize most of the objects which I can utilize. I could, however, see how some players would absolutely enjoy the game mechanics
~ Dirty humor (peeing, farting)
~ Language

- The game fails at being impressive with it's violence
- Slashing requires holding down the middle mouse button and felt unintuitive to me
- The weakness to light game mechanic was annoying; what does this game think it is? Splinter Cell?

While the game seemed promising, I had a hard time getting into it.

Furthermore, I recently played two games which share common themes and game mechanics with The Darkness II, while also being games I enjoy: Mafia II (PC) (2010) (mafia theme, shooting) and DmC: Devil May Cry (PC) (2013) (mix of shooting and slashing). As a result, I have a decreased incentive to play The Darkness II when I can just play more of either or both of those games.

Jackie Estacado

In the end, I was unable to enjoy gameplay mechanics, but players who enjoy violent games and shooters should consider The Darkness II.

Remark: It's rare for me to play a sequel without trying the rest of the series in order. In this case, I did not play The Darkness (2007).

The Darkness II (PC) (2012)

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