Tiny Barbarian DX (PC) (2013)

Overview: Retro 2D platformer.

I continued my quest to play games I owned which currently have a retail value of $29.99 (see footnote). However, I'm approaching the point where I either find a game too unappealing to play, or so appealing that I'd prefer to play it when I have more time.

Slashing a basic enemy: a snake.

Setup: Windowed with default controls. Level: The Serpent Lord.

Steam Game Time: 24 minutes

+ Smooth animations. For example, grabbing onto a ledge and pulling himself up.
+ Incorporates a lot of platforming elements

A Mount!

+ Introduces gameplay elements in an intuitive in-game manner
+ Simple controls: two buttons and arrow keys

~ Retro Art
~ Difficult, partially due to the restricted movement of a single jump and partially due to various enemies
~ Presents a continue timer (even through deaths), perhaps in place for speedrunners.


Personally, if I'm going to put several hours into a retro 2D platformer reflecting the NES era, I'd choose to play a game more similar to Castlevania (NES) (1986).

If you enjoy the look and primary feel of a classic 2D platformer reflecting the NES era but with many of the modern platforming twists offered by modern games, Tiny Barbarian DX might be just the game for you.

Tiny Barbarian DX (PC) (2013)

The game starts with our "Tiny Barbarian" tied to a tree 

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