StarCraft (PC) (1998)

Overview: A real-time strategy game set in space concerning the battle between three species: Protoss, Zerg, and Terran.

20170906 AM:
I played a couple of the first few levels. The campaign levels helped me learn the basic gameplay elements.

Terran Buildings

It was appealing enough that I became interested in learning, but I didn't want to put an excessive amount of time into it.

Setup: Terran Campaign

20170906 Morning:
I replayed the first X missions and then played the next. During this (X+1)st mission I failed and had to play it again.

Boot Camp Log:
New Ground Units: Terran SCV, Terran Marine
New Basic Buildings: Terran Command Center (train SCVs), Terran Supply Depot (extend unit cap), Terran Refinery
New Game Mechanics: Building and Gathering

Jim Raynor (left) and Sarah Kerrigan (right)

Wasteland Log:
New Hero: Jim Raynor
New Basic Building: Terran Barracks (train combat units: Marine, Firebat, Ghost, Medic)
New Game Mechanics: Training Marines

Backwater Station Log:
New Ground Units: Terran Firebat
New Basic Buildings: Academy (skill upgrades), Engineering Bay (infantry upgrades), Bunker
New Game Mechanics: Offensive Combat and Upgrades

Terran Firebats destroy an enemy building.

Desperate Alliance Log:
New Ground Units: Terran Vulture
New Basic Buildings: Terran Missile Turret, Terran ComSat Station (scanning areas)
New Advanced Buildings: Terran Factory (train vehicle units: Vulture, Siege Tank, Goliath), Terran Machine Shop (vehicle upgrades)
New Game Mechanics: Defensive Combat

*I believe X is Backwater Station Log.

+ Cutscenes/Story

"You are victorious!"

~ Learning curve
~ Older graphics
~ Builds an understanding of the background of StarCraft heroes in Heroes of the Storm

While I possessed some of the skills required to play StarCraft via League of Legends (and two or three RTS games such as Warcraft: Orcs & Humans (1994) back in the 90s), there was still a lot to learn. With that being said, the campaign mode eased me into the game at the perfect pace and I also enjoyed the story.

My coworkers and I defeat the enemy team (composed of two computer players).

In short, I was able to experience first-hand why StarCraft is a classic and would highly recommend the campaign mode to others who have not experienced the game themselves.

At the time of this post, the (original) game is available for free from Blizzard Entertainment whereas the remastered version with improved graphics and audio is $14.99. Personally I'm happy with the playing the original game for free.

StarCraft (PC) (1998)

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